Hello and welcome to Thrash Club. This site is designed for one specific thing, YOU! We created this site so that you as fans, and street teamers could get in and do your part. In this site you will see all the contact info you need to get a hold of your fellow teamers as well the tools you are going to need to thrash your local record stores, street signs, schools, cars and venues. If you have never been here before, please scroll below to read our motto as well as join our mailing list if your not already on it.
Thrash Out!


Welcome to the Thrash Club

First Rule: You DO talk about Thrash Club National Product

Second Rule: YOU DO, talk about Thrash Club National Product

Third Rule: Unless someone says STOP or goes LIMP, the Thrashing at shows and as a fan street teamer shall continue

Fourth Rule: Recruit as many loyal fans as possible. You will be rewarded.

Fifth Rule: Attend NP shows in proper thrash club attire (black) and do not forget to have TC on your left hand "00" on your right. It symbolizes who you are here for (NP), what you are about (Thrash Club) and it shows your dedication.
TC - 00 = thrashclub 2000 (twenty first century)

Sixth Rule: Represent National Product to its best. Your are just as much apart of our band as we are. Never forget that.

Seventh: You will Thrash your local venue after shows with our flyers. You will Thrash your local record store with our posters. Your car will be thrashed out and so will your friends cars. You will get as many kids at your high school or college or your friends into NP Thrash Club. We are here to rock!

Eight and Final Rule: If this your first time to Thrash Club, YOU HAVE TO THRASH!!! Have fun Thrash Club, show us what your made of!

NP Mailing List